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Donald Trump golf video with granddaughter goes viral



Footage of Donald Trump riding a golf cart with his four-year-old granddaughter has gone viral.

The clip was shared to X, formerly Twitter, on Saturday by the former president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Lea Trump (@LaraLeaTrump). The former Inside Edition producer married the business mogul’s son, Eric Trump, in 2014, with the couple sharing Carolina Dorothy and six-year-old Eric Luke Trump.

The video shows Carolina Dorothy riding in a golf cart alongside her grandfather, while clutching a giant stuffed Pikachu, from the Pokémon franchise.

“Just your average Saturday golfing with Grandpa and Pikachu,” Lara Lea Trump told her 1.6 million followers, along with smiley face and golf course emojis.

Since being shared, the clip has received 416,000 views.

Several users praised the video, with Tom Bakritges dubbing Trump: “A true Family man.”

“So cute!!!” said Mz Barnes.

“Biden could never,” wrote @EndWokeness.

“Sometimes the greatest President in American history is just Grandpa!” said Bo Loudon.

However, others hit out at the Republican politician.

“Very everyday ‘American,'” wrote JustGus, along with an eye roll emoji.

“So that’s his kid prop now that he’s done with Barron?” asked Scott Friedman, referencing Trump’s 18-year-old son with wife Melania.

“They have to do these staged stunts to try and make it look like he cares about anyone besides himself,” said Matt.

“As much as you try to portray @realDonaldTrump as something else, someday they will learn the truth about grandpa, no?” commented Don Ellis.

Donald Trump in Bedminster, New Jersey, on August 10, 2023. The former president’s love of golf is well known.


Some users mocked Lara Trump’s 2023 cover of Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down.” The 41-year-old recorded her version of the 1989 track, after Donald Trump was sent a cease-and-desist letter by Petty’s estate for using the song at rallies.

“Shouldn’t you be in the recording studio?” asked Burt Macklin.

While others questioned Carolina Dorothy’s choice of stuffed animal.

“Picking pikachu is such a casual move lol. Charmander is the only right answer,” commented Roman Renegade.

Other Pokémon fans praised the decision, with Mike Kolenda writing: “As a Pokemon nerd, I completely approve of this video.”

Trump’s love of golf is well-known. The 77-year-old owns 12 courses in the U.S. alone, as well as two in Scotland, one in Ireland and one in Dubai.

The real estate magnate’s Irish course recently came under fire over environmental concerns. The non-profit group Friends of the Irish Environment is suing the company behind Trump’s course in Doonbeg, County Clare.

The organization claims a fence constructed on the dunes could cause “profound and irreversible environmental damage.” The dunes are part of a Natura 2000 location, one of several sites protected by the European Union. The fence has since been dismantled, but other fences are still being contested.