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Costco Wholesale (COST-Q) Quote – Press Release



Costco Wholesale (COST-Q) Quote – Press Release

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Shopping at Costco doesn’t just give you better prices — it can give you a better way of life. Maybe that sounds like fanboy hyperbole. But I’ve found it to be true: Costco offers an exceptionally helpful, value-adding shopping experience that makes my life better in a multitude of ways.

Let’s look at a few reasons why I continue to be impressed with the Costco shopping experience — at the store, online, and in my everyday life.

1. Great deals on groceries and everyday essentials

Perhaps the first reason that most people think of to get a Costco membership is that it can help you save money on bulk grocery items. And this is definitely true! Costco can help you save money on groceries by buying, for example, two big loaves of bread at once, or four pounds of organic ground beef, or twenty rolls of paper towels, for a cost per item that’s significantly cheaper than a typical grocery store.

But it’s not just the low prices on groceries at Costco that matter: it’s the quality of the items. Almost everything I’ve ever bought at Costco has been high quality and reliable. Costco gives you not just “cheap” groceries, but delicious food, my all-time-favorite paper towels, lots of organic options, and a fun range of items to discover, like flavorful hummus or a big box of fresh-baked cookies.

2. Surprising finds on high-end items

Speaking of fun discoveries: shopping at Costco often feels like a treasure hunt. You never know what surprisingly low-priced high-end items you can find. Whether it’s a big screen TV, a new MacBook laptop, a new refrigerator, a gas grill, or luxurious patio furniture, Costco can outfit your home with the level of comfort and convenience that you desire.

One of my favorite purchases that I’ve ever made at Costco was a piece of furniture: a futon couch that my family sits on every day in our TV room. It’s a versatile, supportive couch that converts easily to a flat bed for guests to sleep on. It’s one of the most durable, comfortable, longest-lasting pieces of furniture I’ve ever had, and we got it at Costco.

3. Confident savings on big-ticket purchases

Do you need to buy new tires? What about new window coverings for your home, an international dream vacation package, or a new car? You can buy all of these big-ticket items at or through Costco. And for me, the biggest reason to buy high-priced items at Costco is not just the cost savings: it’s the time savings and psychological benefits.

I buy higher-cost items at Costco because I trust Costco, and I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing research and shopping around. I don’t want to haggle. Costco saves me time and relieves the “mental load” of worrying about making the right choice, because I have confidence that Costco will give me a good price on excellent products. Even if Costco’s price is not the absolute lowest on a particular item, I get a lot of extra value from shopping at Costco overall — being in the Costco “ecosystem” is worth it.

Costco also offers a generous warranty and “concierge service” for a lot of the appliances and electronics that it sells, like TVs or computers. So if something goes wrong with your new purchase, Costco has your back. (And it has a generous return policy, too!)

4. Affordable healthcare

As a longtime freelancer and small business owner, I’ve spent most of my life worrying about healthcare costs. Costco has even improved my life in this way, by helping my family get affordable healthcare.

Costco has an on-site doctor of optometry for low-cost eye exams right there at the warehouse. And the Costco pharmacy offers low-cost vaccinations and the potential for hundreds of dollars per year of savings on prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Depending on your healthcare situation, Costco can help you save big.

And even if you have good insurance, Costco can still be a great place to do your eye exams and pharmacy pickups.

I’ve always found Costco to be a happy, energizing place to spend time. Sure, like any big store, sometimes it’s crowded and noisy, but most people at Costco (customers and staff) are in a good mood. Costco is known for paying people well and being a great place to work, and it shows in the upbeat attitude and demeanor of Costco employees — you’re going to get friendly, helpful, detail-oriented customer service at Costco.

Costco employees are happy with their jobs, and that makes it a happier place to shop. It just feels like a well-run company where people have a safety net under them, where employees can relax and do their best work, instead of being overworked and understaffed, and having their pay and benefits constantly cut down to the bone.

When I’m deciding where to spend money, I don’t always want the “cheapest” option. I want to support companies that treat people right, where the employees can build careers and get pay raises and actually get ahead in life. Costco seems to be one of the best.

Bottom line

Whether you want to save money on groceries, tires, appliances, or even healthcare, Costco can be a great place to shop. But for me, it’s not just the low prices, it’s the high-quality shopping experience that makes Costco so great. Costco membership only costs $5 or $10 per month, depending on your chosen membership tier. This is a price worth paying. Costco can improve your personal finances — and your entire life — in surprising ways.

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