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Confident Serena Williams Reassures Fans of Tennis Skill Despite Years Into Retirement



Confident Serena Williams Reassures Fans of Tennis Skill Despite Years Into Retirement

If tennis were a kingdom, Serena Williams would have unquestionably reigned as its Queen. For almost three decades, Serena dominated the courts, etching her name into the annals of tennis history. Her powerful gameplay and unyielding spirit not only inspired countless girls to pick up a racket but also redefined the sport itself. But times have changed, and so has Williams’ relationship with tennis. 

Serena Williams engaged in an exclusive interview with Harper’s Bazaar and deliberated on a wide range of topics at the Tribeca Film Festival. The tennis legend, whose latest docuseries ‘In the Arena: Serena Williams’ hit the screens on Wednesday, also spoke about her evolved relationship with the sport and highlighted that her love for tennis is still intact.

When quizzed about her latest relationship with tennis, Serena Williams showered only love. “I love watching it. I love playing it…. being a part of it.” Continuing further, she highlighted the reasons she bid adieu to the sport. “I always say the reason I stopped was not because of injury. It was because I wanted to have a family.” Playing in Wimbledon in 2021, Williams slipped on a slick court while playing against Aliaksandra Sasnovich in Round 1. This forced her to retire from the game and ultimately the tournament.

The injury was so intense that she could not return to the court for many important tournaments and made a comeback only the next year in the same venue. However, she lost the first match and ended her Wimbledon run. Ultimately Serena decided to hang up her racquets in September. But this is not the first time when Williams acknowledged that she quit the sport to grow her family. 

During an interview with Vogue, the tennis great admitted to family taking priority at that moment in time. Williams, who gave birth to her first daughter Olympia in 2017 with husband Alexis Ohanian, welcomed her second daughter Adira in 2023. However, the decision was not easy for the tennis star.

Speaking further to Harper’s Bazaar, Williams said, “And that was a very hard decision to have to make when you know you can still play and perform at a very high level, and then have to say no [to that part of yourself] because you want to have a future and leave a mark.” Now, as the tennis star is welcoming a new docuseries on her life, here is a special take on her trait by the director. 

When Gotham Chopra was all praises for Serena Williams’ unique trait

Serena has wooed many in the tennis community with her exceptional style and gameplay. But the reason behind Gotham Chopra’s admiration for her is a little different. Speaking to ESPN, the director of In the Arena: Serena Williams revealed the trait of the tennis star that forced him to compile her life into a documentary.

Chatting with ESPN, Chopra shared that while he already admired Williams, his first breakfast with her gave him more reasons to make a film. “I asked her, ‘What is the one thing that was the superpower over all of that success?’ She thought about it and said, “I showed up and I did the work. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up and I didn’t want to go to practice and hit balls..” Continuing further, Chopra revealed the importance of such an attitude for a sportsman.

He shared that the willingness to work that the 23-time Grand Slam winner depicts is commendable. “Serena remembers the losses more than she does the wins. That willingness to get up and keep going is greatness to me.”

The docuseries definitely highlights the thick and thin of Williams’ life and promises to give an intimate glimpse into the life of the 42-year-old.

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