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Comeback kids: 5 fashion trends from the 2000s now seen on Gen Zs



Comeback kids: 5 fashion trends from the 2000s now seen on Gen Zs

Remember a time when you wore leggings under dresses? Think back to the red-carpet looks of former child star Ashley Tisdale, 39, and ex-Teen Queen Miley Cyrus, 31, during their Disney days – this layered look is synonymous with tween stars of the 2000s.

Refreshed for today’s tastes, this look is far from frumpy. Softer, lighter fabrics like polyester are employed by brands for a modern spin on the trend.

For instance, American designer Sandy Liang tapped the trend with the Sound Pant (US$395 or S$530), part of her Spring-Summer 2024 collection, which features a miniskirt with built-in flared pants.

The fashion label, popular among Gen Zs for its coquettish bow motifs and collaborations, is one of the most sought-after brands by young fashion enthusiasts today. To It girls everywhere, Liang putting her own spin on a trend signals its true return.

For Gen Zs, much of this skirt-with-pants appeal lies in the way they can mix and match items they already own.

Ms Chen Heng-Yi, 21, a law student at the National University of Singapore (NUS), frequently incorporates layering in her outfits and can often be spotted wearing a pair of pants under a skirt or dress.

“I didn’t purchase anything new for this trend. That’s another fun thing about it – it’s a lot more about styling than the pieces themselves,” she says. “I find it exciting that I can experiment with new textures and materials to make old outfits completely new.”

For those feeling intimidated by the trend, she recommends starting with a dress instead of a skirt, or playing around with different textures if you are going for a monochromatic look.

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