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Chairman’s commitment to sustainability by shopping second-hand for Buckingham Palace Garden Party



Dressed from head to toe in pre-loved clothing, Cllr Bunney’s visit to the Palace was a conscious decision that aligns with his long-standing passion for sustainable living and support for community-based initiatives.

The whole suit cost a total of just £28.50 and included such thrifty purchases as a pair of jumble sale socks for 50p, a pair of shoes for £3, and a tie for £2.

He said: “Attending an event as significant as the Buckingham Palace Garden Party provided the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of sustainable fashion. By choosing to shop at charity shops, I was able to support local charities, reduce waste, and avoid contributing to the fast fashion industry. Plus, I still managed to look pretty good on the day!”

The initiative not only underscores Cllr Bunney’s personal commitment to environmental causes, it also aims to inspire others to consider sustainable alternatives in their own lives.

In preparation for the event, he visited several charity shops, carefully selecting each item to create a stylish, environmentally friendly ensemble.

He said: “Every piece of clothing has a story, and shopping second-hand allows us to continue those stories while benefiting the community.

“Sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s a responsibility. I hope my actions encourage more people to think about how their choices impact the planet.”

As the Chairman of the Council Environment and Sustainability Group, Cllr Bunney is a vocal advocate for sustainable practices across various sectors. His decision to choose second-hand clothing for such a high-profile event is a testament to his leadership and commitment to environmental stewardship.

By choosing not to buy anything new, Cllr Bunney not only reduced his carbon footprint but also showcased the potential for high-quality, fashionable clothing to be found in local, second-hand shops. 

His appearance at the garden party was met with admiration and sparked conversations about the importance of sustainable practices.

For more information about the council’s Environment and Sustainability Group’s initiatives, visit Sustainability and Climate Change

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