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CBSA Turning Back Indian And Nigerian Visitors At Airports



CBSA Turning Back Indian And Nigerian Visitors At Airports

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Last Updated On 10 July 2024, 10:22 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Yes, you heard it right! Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) officials are turning back many Indian and Nigerian visitors from Canadian airports or alternatively offering them to apply for refugee status.

While CBSA strives to secure borders, this recently surfaced issue is denying entry to genuine family members with approved visitor visas stamped on their passports.

Some of them are also visiting Canada for the second or third time to reunite with their family members.

A recent incident reported

There have been multiple reports from Toronto and Montreal airports over the past couple of months, but a recent incident was reported by visitors on July 8.

Over 40 Indian visitors that arrived on Air Canada Flight No. AC-51 at the Montreal airport were refused entry and asked to return to their home country.

Alternatively, they were provided the option to apply for a refugee case.

Reportedly, some of these were visiting Canada for the second time.

Some of them are even old-age senior citizens that should be respected irrespective of their nationality, taking into consideration that they might not be fluent in English to explain their purpose of visit.

Indian visitors affected by CBSA scrutiny

One of the affected individuals from Canada reported a similar incident with their parents and brother-in-law.

They report that the officer was rude to their parents, who came on the second visit on the same flight to stay for 2 months, but officer issued them only 1-month stay.

Usually, visitor visas offer up to 6 months of stay with the option to extend further from within Canada.

And for their brother-in-law, officer offered him to apply for refugee case multiple times and after 10 long hours of harassment, he was issued a 1-month stay.

If CBSA officer was not convinced, then why even 1-month stay. And if there was room to allow a 1-month stay, then why did it take 10 hours to determine this?

Similar incidents are being reported by the Nigerian diaspora, with an affected individual in Canada reporting that a family friend came in and was harassed and sent back to Nigeria the next day.

Another person reports an incident on June 29 in which a person’s uncle was turned back with an option to file for refuge and the cited reason was that this person didn’t come with his spouse.

One more incident was reported in May where a person landed in Montreal and officers were forcing all of the tourist visa holders to apply for refugee status for around 12 hours.

A visa is not a guarantee of entry

It is important to note that a visitor visa or any other kind of Canadian visa on a passport is not a guarantee of getting entry to Canada as per Canadian law.

CBSA officials have the final say and can deny entry to foreign nationals if they find something fishy or not aligned with the purpose of the visit.

However, a major factor of concern is that CBSA officials are offering individuals to file a refugee case after denying them entry.

This is on top of Canada already struggling to house refugees and managing the increasing number of international students in Canada applying for asylum, putting more stress on the system.

One of the users on “X” says,I am confused. Why is the Canadian immigration office forcing passengers to apply for refugee status? What am I missing here? Whats the ulterior motive?”

Another “X” user says, “How does them filing for refugee status make more sense than allowing them in? Can you explain the reasoning?

This has also created concerns and outrage for many temporary residents and permanent residents in Canada who have their families planning to visit in the coming days.

One more user on “X” says, “Threatening on airport as soon as you land. And than they say “Come to Canada, land of opportunities when you become refugees”

There were some perspective in favour of CBSA’s increased scrutiny.

An “X” user says, “Now everyone is a saint. If the official told them this is because he saw something in the previous visit who’s know may be they were here for 6 months been turist or perhaps working. Not everything is harassment or racism. CBSA is doing it’s job keeping us safe.

“Am afraid the image of Indians in Canada is at an all time low . Not necessarily because of the tensions between the heads of state or khalistanis but because there are far too many instances who come in illegally with a view to never go back . Bona fide Indian citizens suffer.” said another user.

One more says, “It looks like the government needs a reason to buy hotels. A big scam is underway.” in light of recent statement by Marc Miller to buy hotels to house refugees.

“Well, Indians overdid it and now CBSA overreacting!” another one says. Echoing same a user says, “Perhaps the rampant abuse over the years has brought this on?”

Gagandeep Kaur Sekhon moved to Canada in 2010 on a study visa. She navigated through the ups and downs of her student life and gained her permanent residency in 2015. Today, she is a proud Canadian citizen residing in Calgary, Alberta. She is mother of 2 beautiful daughters and making her difference through writing and guidance at INC – Immigration News Canada.


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