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Cannabis-Inspired Golf Capsules : Timeless Golf Capsule



The 2024 Timeless Golf Capsule presents a limited-edition collaboration between Timeless Vapes and Manor, Quiet Golf, and Students Golf. The partnership intends to offer something unique and cheeky that is exclusive to gold enthusiasts. This collection brings together fashion and functionality for a memorable golfing experience.

Through its partnership with Manor, Quiet Golf, and Students Golf, the 2024 Timeless Golf Capsule is able to offer a unique blend of style and performance, which will appeal to golfers looking for something special. In addition to golf essentials such as the Timeless x Quiet Golf Crest Polo, the Timeless x Students Golf Mock Neck T-Shirt, and the Timeless x Quiet Gold Shoulder Bag, the capsule also boasts vape cartridges designed for discreet enjoyment.

By exploring how cannabis can enhance the golfing experience, the 2024 Timeless Golf Capsule caters to consumers interested in holistic wellness and alternative methods for relaxation and focus.

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