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Candidate’s View: Good-paying manufacturing jobs needed for Minnesota, US



Candidate’s View: Good-paying manufacturing jobs needed for Minnesota, US

The purpose of my campaign for U.S. Senate is to fight for peace and prosperity for Minnesota’s working men and women and their families. As I selflessly served the people of Minnesota and the U.S. in the Army Reserve and U.S. Army for 26 years, I will also selflessly serve the people of Minnesota every day of my U.S. Senate term.

Prosperity in Minnesota and in the U.S. is contingent on reshoring to the United States our critical manufacturing industries. Manufacturing jobs are high-paying jobs. Manufacturing outfits create many jobs in our economy in support of manufacturing operations.

Individuals arguing for “free trade” are not telling the truth about America’s trade policies. The free-trade myth, if true, would mean countries we trade with would allow American-made goods into their countries without tariffs and other protectionist policies. Those arguing for free trade want goods manufactured in foreign nations to be brought into our country without tariffs, but those who argue for free trade do not seem to care if American manufacturers cannot sell their goods into foreign countries with tariffs.

We do not have free trade in the United States. What we have is exploitive trade, where globalists exploit the poverty of the third world to cut labor costs and increase the share price of globalists’ stock portfolios. Globalist trade policies redistribute wealth from working Americans into the stock portfolios of globalists.

Globalist free-trade policies create long supply chains that must be defended by our armed forces. Defending long supply chains is very expensive for American taxpayers. If America must engage in a real shooting war to defend long supply chains, one can be assured it would not be the globalists’ sons and daughters doing the fighting. The individuals who would be doing the fighting would be the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles of working Americans.

Prosperity in Minnesota would be much enabled by good-paying manufacturing jobs. Good jobs enable stable families. Stable families create a stable society. Stable societies have less crime and other social ills like single-parent households. Two-parent households benefit children and set children up for success in dealing with the hardships we all know life deals to individuals on their journeys.

A prosperous Minnesota and America would mean our nation is strong. A strong America would serve notice to our enemies wishing to do our nation harm. A prosperous America would allow our nation to defeat our enemies without firing a shot. We have proof of how a prosperous America can win without fighting when we saw the Berlin wall torn down and the unification of East Germany and West Germany in the 1990s.

A strong America adds stability to the chaotic world in which we live. Peace is a product of prosperity.

I believe my education, military experience and training, and life experience will help me to be an excellent U.S. senator for Minnesota. Please vote for me early or on primary election day on Aug. 13. God bless you, God bless Minnesota, and God bless America.

Patrick D. Munro is one of seven Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in Minnesota. The winner of the Republican primary on Aug. 13 will face the Democratic primary winner on Election Day, Nov. 5. There are six Democratic candidates, including incumbent Sen. Amy Klobuchar. All the candidates were invited to write columns for the News Tribune.

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