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Broadsheet’s Foray Into International Travel Catapulted By Continuing Partnership With Intrepid Travel



Broadsheet’s Foray Into International Travel Catapulted By Continuing Partnership With Intrepid Travel

Broadsheet Media has joined forces with Intrepid Travel to launch ‘Broadsheet Local Time’ – a hub within their travel content vertical dedicated to international and domestic exploration. This partnership marks Broadsheet’s largest foray into international travel content to date and expands on the 2023 partnership which saw Broadsheet travel to Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

This year, Nick Connellan, Broadsheet Australia editor, James Williams, creative solutions manager, and other members of the Broadsheet team will travel on Intrepid trips to India, Japan, Italy, Morocco, Peru, and Tasmania to authentically capture the essence of these destinations and their experience of small group travel. Each destination will feature supporting articles and social videos capturing what these destinations have to offer through a local lens.

The Local Time hub will be evergreen, allowing for limitless opportunities to collaborate with Intrepid and other tourism bodies in discovering new countries and experiences.

“Our audience consistently requests more international travel content, making it a top priority. Partnering with global leader, Intrepid to establish an entirely new destination on Broadsheet, focusing on international exploration, is incredibly exciting. Expanding our partnership with Intrepid allows us to highlight the impact that travel has on the global economy and uncover the best local experiences that can only be accessed through Intrepid,” said Matthew Phillips, Broadsheet group sales and partnerships manager.

“We are excited to be the first and only brand to work with Broadsheet on their brand new International Travel Hub. We know Broadsheet readers love exploring spots only locals know about, and this is exactly what Intrepid does, in more than 100 countries around the world. Thank you to Broadsheet for exploring the globe with us, and sharing the joy of small group travel with all of your readers,” said Louise Laing, Intrepid general marketing manager ANZ.



Matthew Phillips – group sales & partnerships manager

Erin Butler – senior campaign manager

James Williams – creative solutions manager

Nick Connellan – Australia editor


Kate Shanasy – photographer

Daniela Frangos – writer

Brook James – photographer

Yusuke Oba – photographer

Callum McDermott – writer


Louise Laing – general manager marketing ANZ

Hye-Joo Woo – marketing specialist ANZ

Eden Cook – marketing coordinator ANZ

Samantha McQueen – marketing manager consumer ANZ

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