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Amazing architecture, outrage over tap water, why tennis players grunt: Catch up on the day’s stories | CNN



Amazing architecture, outrage over tap water, why tennis players grunt: Catch up on the day’s stories | CNN

👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! When was the last time you wrote a check to pay for something? For me, it’s been years — probably around the same time I used a stamp to mail a letter. But another big retailer just announced it won’t accept checks anymore, so keep your debit and credit cards handy.

Here’s what else you might have missed during your busy day:

2024 World Architecture Festival

The Shenzhen Women & Children’s Center, by Dutch architecture group MVRDV.

1️⃣ Amazing architecture: A soaring hotel in Dubai, a space observatory in Cyprus and the control center of a Turkish solar power plant are among the projects up for the coveted World Building of the Year prize. Take a look at some of the finalists.

2️⃣ Name change: When Dwight Jackson applied for a job at a Michigan hotel, he didn’t get a response. After changing the name on his resume to John Jebrowski, he said he landed an interview. Now he’s suing for discrimination.

3️⃣ Ancient DNA: The earliest known victims of the plague date back about 5,000 years ago in Europe. Scientists used DNA samples unearthed in Sweden and Denmark to link the outbreak to farmers and shed light on this mysterious population collapse.

4️⃣ Making a racket: Have you ever wondered why some professional tennis players grunt or shriek when they hit the ball? All that noise on the court is the subject of much scrutiny and debate among fans and announcers.

5️⃣ Going thirsty: American tourists outraged about European water-drinking habits are complaining online. Here’s what’s really going on.

🛥️ Runaway boat: 17-year-old Brady Procon is being hailed as a hero after jumping from a moving jet ski to gain control of a driverless boat in New Hampshire. No one was hurt.

02:02 – Source: CNN

Watch this teenagar leap from his jet ski to save a runaway boat

• Biden faces fresh signs of doubt about his candidacy from donors and Democrats
• Testimony begins in Alec Baldwin’s trial over fatal shooting on ‘Rust’ movie set
• Crossbow killings suspect found after attack on BBC journalist’s wife and daughters

🤼‍♂️ Turkish tradition: Chiseled gladiators, tight leather pants and copious amounts of olive oil — take a look inside Turkey’s ancient oil wrestling festival.

Cem Tekkesinoglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

❤️ Critical care: Mental health support should be part of the process after someone suffers cardiac arrest, according to new research. It’s especially important for women.

🏀 Roster shake-up: LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard will be replaced by Derrick White on the US men’s basketball team for the Summer Games in Paris.

20th Century Fox/Everett/Shutterstock

🎤 Which hip-hop group performed with the London Symphony Orchestra in a 1996 episode of “The Simpsons” titled “Homerpalooza”?
A. De La Soul
B. The Fugees
C. Cypress Hill
D. A Tribe Called Quest
⬇️ Scroll down for the answer.

🍊 We like to wrap things up on a positive note: Meet the man behind “Orange Madness,” the viral dance craze sweeping the Euro 2024 soccer tournament.

Annegret Hilse/Reuters

Netherlands fans celebrate after a Euro 2024 match.

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🧠 Quiz answer: C. Nearly three decades after they were featured on “The Simpsons,” Cypress Hill is set to perform with the London Symphony Orchestra in real life.
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