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With the inaugural PWHL season officially in the books and the league’s first champion having been crowned in Minnesota, it’s time to shift our focus to Year 2.

Draft day is upon us, and the league’s six teams are set to welcome a new crop of players into the pros from the main stage at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Saint Paul, Minn., on Monday, starting at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT and running seven rounds deep.

Here is the complete list of every pick.

First Round

1. New York: Sarah Fillier, F, Princeton
2. Ottawa: Danielle Serdachny, F, Colgate
3. Minnesota: Claire Thompson, D, Sonnet
4. Boston: Hannah Bilka, F, Ohio State
5. Montreal: Cayla Barnes, D, Ohio State
6. Toronto: Julia Gosling, F, St. Lawrence

Second Round

7. Boston (via New York): Daniela Pejšová, D, Luleå HF
8. Ottawa: Ronja Savolainen, D, Luleå HF
9. Minnesota: Britta Curl, F, Wisconsin
10. New York (via Boston): Maja Nylén Persson, D, Brynäs IF
11. Montreal: Jennifer Gardiner, F, Ohio State
12. Toronto: Megan Carter, D, Northeastern

Third Round

13. New York: Noora Tulus, F, Luleå HF
14. Ottawa: Gwyneth Philips, G, Northeastern
15. Minnesota: Klára Hymlárová, F, St. Cloud State
16. New York (via Boston): Allyson Simpson, D, Colgate
17. Montreal: Abigail Boreen, F, PWHL Minnesota
18. Toronto: Izzy Daniel, F, Cornell

Fourth Round

19. New York: Gabby Rosenthal, F, Ohio State
20. Ottawa: Stephanie Markowski, D, Ohio State
21. Minnesota: Brooke McQuigge, F, Clarkson
22. Boston: Sydney Bard, D, Colgate
23. Montreal: Dara Greig, F, Colgate
24. Toronto: Lauren Bernard, D, Ohio State

Fifth Round

25. New York: Elle Hartje, F, Yale
26. Ottawa: Mannon McMahon, F, Minnesota Duluth
27. Minnesota: Dominique Petrie, F, Clarkson
28. New York (via Boston): Kayle Osborne, G, Colgate
29. Montreal: Anna Wilgren, D, Wisconsin
30. Toronto: Noemi Neubauerová, F, Brynäs IF

Sixth Round

31. New York:
32. Ottawa:
33. Minnesota:
34. Boston:
35. Montreal:
36. Toronto:

Seventh Round

37. Boston (via New York):
38. Ottawa:
39. Minnesota:
40. Boston:
41. Montreal:
42. Toronto:

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