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African Travel, Inc. celebrates Wild About Wildlife month



African Travel, Inc. celebrates Wild About Wildlife month

In celebration of July’s Wild About Wildlife month, African Travel, Inc. (ATI) is inviting clients to discover Africa’s green season, which may be more appealing than the crowded peak travel times of May through October.

Every July, various organizations raise awareness about the protection of wildlife across the globe through conservation initiatives and education.

ATI is committed to supporting wildlife protection, which is integrated into its itineraries and its immersive Make Travel Matter Experiences.

The luxury operator is offering seasonal benefits for clients, including a complimentary night stay at the ultra-luxe Xigera Safari Lodge, with its beautiful resident leopards and diverse species, located in Botswana’s stunning Okavango Delta.

“Africa is a year-round destination, with each season offering its own unique charm and benefits,” said Sherwin Banda, president of African Travel, Inc. “However, there’s something truly special about the green season since it is the time when the wildlife is in its birthing season, making it a time of new life and a baby boom in the bush, while transforming dry landscapes into lush wetlands.”

“The green season is considered the continent’s best-kept secret, offering an amazing opportunity to stay longer and explore deeper since there are fewer crowds, allowing for a more intimate experience with Africa’s wildlife,” he added. 

From November to March, Botswana’s green season is a lush oasis thriving with the birthing of various species.

One of the season’s highlights is the mesmerizing zebra migration, where herds embark on two main routes, from the Okavango Delta to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, and from the Chobe River floodplains to Nxai Pan National Park, in search of fresh grazing grounds and water.

The Platinum Botswana journey is an 11-day luxury safari. Travellers can enjoy a plethora of activities, including game drives, bushman walks and water safaris.

They will discover the Selinda Reserve, which has one of the nation’s most extraordinary animal populations and is home to cheetahs, elephants, lions, leopards and giraffes.

Guests will explore the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park in search of desert wildlife and elusive species, such as the black-maned Kalahari lion. During their stay at the legendary Jack’s Camp, they will enjoy a Make Travel Matter Experience, where they will learn about wildlife and ancient culture, including the second largest mammal migration routes in Africa, the zebra migration.

Travellers will unwind at the secluded five-star Xigera Safari Lodge, which offers 12 exquisite and locally handcrafted suites, part of the award-winning Red Carnation Hotel Collection.

Sustainability and conservation are at the heart of Xigera. From solar energy production to eliminating single-use plastics, caring for the environment and empowering the local community is a priority in every aspect of lodge operations.

In East Africa, the short rains begin in November and longer rains can be expected in March, April and May. January and February are the short dry season between these two green seasons.

During this period, the Great Migration takes place in the southern Serengeti, where baby wildlife is born. The nine-day Discover the Wonders of Tanzania offers an immersive safari experience with game drives, safari walks and night drives, while experiencing the friendly warmth of the Maasai people.

Guests can explore Tarangire National Park, which is renowned for having one of the largest elephant populations in Africa.

Lions, wildebeests, zebras, gazelles and other animals will graze and drink from the riverbanks during the green season. They also venture into the steep descent of the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater, cradling the highest density of wildlife in the world.

Guests will fly to the northern part of Serengeti National Park and explore its vast plains during morning and afternoon open-vehicle game drives.

For the perfect aerial wildlife photos, they can embark on an early morning hot air balloon ride, floating above the Serengeti to witness the roaming animals, including hippos and giraffes.

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