Friday, February 23, 2024

A Holiday Gift Wrapping Guide For Even The Most Niche of Preferences

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The holiday season is an excellent pretext for those fluent in the art of gift-giving (or receiving) to come together and embrace the world of wrapping aesthetics. Whether you eagerly anticipate the annual Kardashian-Jenner family wrapping guide or prefer to save your wrapping endeavors for the eleventh hour, we’ve curated everything you need to ensure your wrapping exudes seamless cohesion and aligns perfectly with the season’s aesthetic.

For The Type-A Wrapper

Calling all Virgos (or self-proclaimed minimalists) – it’s time to step away from the gift bag and matching tissue paper you found at your local drug store and embrace something more aesthetically pleasing.

Antiqued Frayed Velvet Ribbon


For The One That Has Eloise At Christmastime Playing All Season

“Charge it please…thank you very much!” – Eloise.

While you may not live at the Plaza Hotel, and you probably don’t have a live-in nanny ensuring you’re staying out of trouble, you do love Christmas!

Cozy Animal Bundle Ribbon


For The Green Thumb

Instead of reusing the wrapping paper you painstakingly tried to salvage from last year’s holiday season, you’ve decided to go ahead and indulge in fresh gift-wrapping (without the guilt).

For The Traditionalist

You prefer listening to holiday classics, you indulge in peppermint hot chocolate the moment the weather shifts, and we all know you have a perfectly organized stash of extra ribbons and gift tags in your closet.

For The Coastal Grandmother

Nancy Meyers’ Something’s Gotta Give makes you want to expertly layer your turtleneck and crisp button-down, take long walks on the beach, and write your latest autobiographical play. You also wouldn’t mind an unexpected and chaotic romance, which seems inevitable.

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