Thursday, February 29, 2024

71-year-old Zeenat Aman dips her toes in the world of memes. Shares hilarious ones featuring herself

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Zeenat Aman shares memes of herself

Zeenat Aman is an evergreen diva, and even her social media game proves so. Even at 71, she made sure she advocated how it is never too late to learn and enjoy the newer things in life. This time, the veteran actress took to her Instagram handle to share a few memes of herself, and the result is just too cute to miss.

Zeenat Aman shares a few memes of herself

“This Saturday I am more of a Meme-at Aman than a Zeenat Aman,” she started off by saying.

Elaborating on the same, she penned, “I would be befuddled by the vagaries of Instagram if it weren’t for my kids. Fortunately, not only do they explain the app and it’s workings to me, they also introduce me to online humour! Today they showed me ‘Zeenat Aman memes’, and I’ve been in splits all morning. I just think they are so fantastically creative and funny. Not to mention that they’re a great use of images that would otherwise be redundant!”

To top it off, she even went out of her way to give credit to the original makers of the memes. “Here are three that really tickled me. The first and last are reposted from a handle called @bollymeme and the other is from Amit ji’s profile, though I’m not sure who the maker is. There are other hysterical ones I saw, but their language is a little too colourful for me to post,” she wrote.

Concluding her long post, she finally stated, “I would love to see and share more such memes made on my pictures. So, just in case you have one, please share it with me. Have a restful weekend, everyone. That’s certainly my plan!”

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