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17 Fashion Pieces French ‘Cool’ Girls Are Wearing



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French girls have always been the crown jewel, the epitome, the crème de la crème when it comes to all things style. They have that je ne sais quoi that many of Us try to emulate everyday. And though, thanks to the internet, you can now see a lot of French fashion inspiration online — we all know social media doesn’t always tell the full story. That’s why I tapped my inside French fashion source, TikTok creator Stella Sanchez, who currently has boots on the ground in Paris to see what they’re really wearing so we can get their summer style this year too.

“I think it’s unique because people are really wearing whatever they want to wear. It’s not trying to fit into a style or trend and I think that’s what’s interesting,” Sanchez said.

Having been fully engulfed in the Emily in Paris dream life for over two years now, living and working in Paris, I figured there’d be no better person than Sanchez to help me round up these 17 fashion items you’d see right now in the city. Specifically, Sanchez, who also works in marketing for the French luxury conglomerate LVMH, said that most of these items would be seen in the neighborhood Le Marais, where many of the fashionistas of Paris would be.

“There’s like cool galleries, cool coffee shops, it’s where it’s a bit hipster-y,” Sanchez said. “But you kind of see more fun fashion. So I kind of compiled this from the perspective of like ‘What are the cool kids wearing in Paris?’”


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So what are the “cool kids” of Paris wearing? According to Sanchez, for Parisians it’s all about expressing themselves through style and color, practicality and attitude. We’ve included things below like track pants and pajama-like shorts, of which Sanchez said these trends are “pretty realistic” because of how much walking and biking Parisians are doing. Below, you’ll also see colorful sneakers and metallic heels, because as Sanchez said, “using colors to express yourself” is also popular right now, though she thinks it “always has been and probably always will be.”

“I think part of it is an attitude of really wearing whatever you want and not wearing something that is necessarily only to flatter your body but more about expressing yourself,” Sanchez went on to say. “I think it’s about colors and textures and feelings.”

TBH, if someone ever said I ever emulated “cool kid in Paris” style, I’d personally feel like I’d won a gold medal of fashion — if that were a sport at their upcoming Olympics. There’d truly be no better compliment, which is why I will personally be adding every single item below to my cart immediately. Take a look below to see the top 17 pieces that French girls will be wearing this summer, according to a true Parisian.

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1. Sporty Spice: A good excuse to be comfy, track shorts like this Adidas style are “coming in right now,” according to Sanchez — was $18, now $17!

2. Chunky and Chic: Chunky earrings like this Hailey Bieber-worn style from Haven Mayhem are also “really having a moment,” said Sanchez, who’s been “wearing them a lot” — $110!

3. (Almost) Pajama Shorts: Sanchez said she’d pair pajama-like shorts like this poplin pair from Hollister “with sneakers, high socks, a band tee and then a bunch of jewelry” — $20!

4. Why No Both? Skirts over pants are “very ‘fashion girl’” girl right now said Sanchez and this striped lace skirt from Topshop would be a great way to test the trend — $60!

5. Mary Janes: Square toe Mary Janes are “definitely having a moment,” Sanchez said, and this style from Amazon is made of sleek leather, has a chic three buckle design and a cushioned footbed — was $125, now $80!

6. Statement Sneakers: “Having pops of color” like these Adidas sneakers is not only a trend for Parisians, but also for celebrities — $120!

7. Vests as Tops: As Sanchez mentioned, vests as tops are popular not just in Paris, but also world-wide and this one from Amazon is a number one new release — $27!

8. Make a Spectacle: The girls who wear glasses in Paris are wearing colorful, “cool ones,” Sanchez said, much like this statement-making pair from Amazon — $17!

9. Make It a Maxi: “Playing with textures” is also big right now since vintage is so popular in the city, the TikTok creator said. So the odds of seeing a lace maxi skirt like this Kimchi Blue style in the city of lights is extremely likely — $79!

10. Bigger Blazer: Sanchez said you can pair an oversized blazer like this one from Bardot with “an oversized band tee or a little vest or a blazer or anything like that” — was $177, now $57!

11. Nice Neckerchief: A classic French style, Sanchez said she “always” sees girls at work wearing neck scarves like this silky style — $15!

12. Better Baggy: Since baggy jeans like this pair from Abercrombie are a popular style at the moment, Sanchez said you could pair them with “kitten heels or sneakers” — $90!

13. Metallic Maven: Sanchez has been seeing metallic kitten heels like this pair from Jeffrey Campbell at the office “a decent amount” and even on people “who are a bit older” — was $155, now $77!

14. Better Button-Up: Like modeled by Sanchez in the photo above, button-ups like this oversized style from Banana Republic are an everyday basic in Paris — $90!

15. Track Star: Since Parisians are constantly walking everywhere, it’s crucial for them to be comfortable, which makes sense as to why track pants like these are trending — was $28, now $24!

16. Balletcore: A classic French girl shoe style, ballet flats like this Sam Edelmen pair are even bigger right now thanks to the balletcore trend — was $130, now $90!

17. Cue the Claw Clip: According to Sanchez, “90s vibe” hair styles are popular, which means claw clips like this one are a necessity — $10!

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